All of you remember that last summer we paid for vacation in Montenegro @ DEHO3ABPUK#1965 +1. We held a raffle among all members of the AXS community.

This year we want to organize a drawing among those who actively supports AXS project, and it is among the owners of the token AXST.

Only token owners will be able to take part in the drawing of the trip voucher for the month of August to any country on the basis that we pay 150,000 rubles for the winner from the Russian Federation or 2000 Euro for the winner from another country.

The second and third place – any alcohol to choose from with a budget of up to 15 thousand rubles. or 200 Euro.

The announcement will be visible to everyone, but the owners of the token will be invited to a separate channel, in which the draw will take place on June 1.

So that the winner could plan a vacation in advance and choose a place – we will pay for this trip before June 15.

The rules are simple:

1. Purchase of AXST token until May 30.
(quantity does not affect the result, 1 AXST minimum)

2. Inviting a participant to a special channel.

3. Raffle (bot) June 1.

4. Until June 15, choose a tour.

5. Vacation in AUGUST.

Support the project, win a ticket & hotel wherever you want!


You can purchase AXST Token on EPICA DEX:

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